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Pour Myself a Cup of Ambition

Pour Myself a Cup of Ambition

I remember when my mom took me to see “Nine to Five.” These 3 ladies had a mean boss and they got together and they took care of one another and they made a change. Sure, they were fictional. But they were cool. And the women who played those three women? Dolly, Lily, and Jane?

They’re still dear friends.

I recently re-watched that incredible movie, most of which went completely over my head at the time. I talked about it with my mom afterward, and she said she loved it because it reminded her of what’s possible when women band together. And Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton can show us what’s possible as we age.

So what do we want to do with all that we’ve learned at this ripe, potential-filled precipice?

All three of these women have had rich, vibrant careers that expanded far beyond the schtick and the genres in which each of them began. They have demonstrated that aging does not mean the end of a fulfilling and active life. They have continued to pursue their careers, passions, and interests well into their later years, serving as positive role models for aging gracefully and embracing life's changes. Take a minute and look what Jane Fonda has done for Climate Change. And what Dolly has done for literacy in Appalachia. And Lily - she’s an advocate for animal welfare, civil rights, and supporting the LGBTQ community in all aspects of life. These women are using their power for good.

They challenge stereotypes about aging by defying expectations and pursuing new opportunities. Their resilience, adaptability, and continued growth show us that we have a LOT to look forward to.

As we reach the point in our careers where we have more choices and more freedom to speak up without fear of recrimination, we should all think about those 3 ladies working for that schmuck at “Consolidated Companies,” speak up for what we believe in, and advocate for the women who cannot.

In a recent interview on her podcast, “Wiser than Me,” Julia Louis Dreyfus asked Jane Fonda if she had any regrets. My heart ached as Jane lamented not having been a better mother to her children.

“Jane,” I cried out, “you did good.”