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All Hail Queen Emma

Gather round, Plums, because today we're here to celebrate a woman who's not just an incredible actress but a true Sage Plum in every sense of the word:

The one and only Emma Thompson.

In the movie "Good Luck to You, Leo Grande," directed by Sophie Hyde, Emma takes on the character of Nancy, a recently widowed, former religious schoolteacher who has never experienced an orgasm. It's a role that's emotionally charged and physically naked, and not in the stereotypical Hollywood sexy way.

Nancy is a complex character—a devoted wife and a dutiful mother who harbors regrets and desires that she's never explored. To find the pleasure she's longed for, she makes the extraordinary decision to hire a sex worker, a much younger man, to help her on this journey of self-discovery. It's a story that's relatable on so many levels, because Nancy could have been your teacher, your mother, or even you. Thompson brings Nancy to life in a way that makes you feel every emotion, every struggle, and every triumph.

It's not just about her acting; it's about the choices she's made throughout her career. Emma openly admits that she wasn't thin enough to fit the mold of Hollywood's unrealistic beauty standards. And what did she do? She didn't starve herself or try to conform. Instead, she embraced her body and refused to be part of the problem. She chose to be different, to be herself, and in doing so, she became a symbol of change.

For "Leo Grande," the choice to disrobe was Emma's, and she made it with trepidation. But she believed that the film wouldn't be the same without it. She understood the importance of authenticity and breaking free from the constraints of body image. Emma's decision is a powerful statement, not just about her own journey but about changing the narrative around women's bodies in the entertainment industry. 

She makes me feel like she's on my side in this fight.

In "Good Luck to You, Leo Grande," Emma's performance has been hailed as "terrifically agile with the script's zingers and revelations." And let's not forget that she's long overdue for her next Oscar nomination. But… here's the kicker. Despite the film's potential for an awards circuit jaunt and Emma's Oscar-worthy performance, the never had a theatrical release in the United States, so it was not eligible for an Oscar nomination. And you know what Emma says about it? She doesn't mind. She quips, "It is a small film with no guns in it, so I don't know how many people in America would actually want to come see it."

But the truth is, it's not about where the film is screened; it's about the impact it has. And Emma, my friends, has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema, on body positivity, and on authenticity. She's shown us all that it's okay to be ourselves, to embrace our vulnerabilities, and to break free from unrealistic beauty standards. So, as we celebrate Emma Thompson today, let's also celebrate the values she embodies—authenticity, courage, and the willingness to be a force for change. She's not just an actress; she's a Sage Plum we can all look up to.

-The Plums