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The Lucky Filter

Earlier this year TikTok was buzzing with the 'Aged' filter, which claims to show us how we might appear as we grow older. Remarkably, this filter has been used a whopping 15.4 million times and has garnered the attention of both regular users and celebrities. (This Plum tried it, and I could’ve sworn I was looking at my mom. Not a bad thing for this Plum, because I happen to have a great relationship with my mom, and I love the way she looks at a fit and fabulous 82!

However, the reactions in the wider world have been mixed, to say the least. Some users joked that it might be time to schedule a Botox appointment, while others hoped that the filter was not entirely accurate.

A curious and bored group of users decided to test the filter's accuracy by applying it to old clips of famous actors like Harrison Ford, and all of the cast members of Friends. (Oh Chandler. How we wish we’d been able to grow old with you!)  To the amateur cyber-sleuths’ astonishment, they found that the filter seemed to eerily capture the effects of aging. Experts explained that the filter's precision stems from its ability to identify and magnify the natural sagging and creasing that typically occurs on our faces as we age, effectively mirroring the natural aging process.

Not everyone was disappointed with their results. Some users recognized features resembling their parents or grandparents, while others expressed excitement about the prospect of entering that phase of life. For some, the filter evoked bittersweet emotions, as it allowed them to envision a parent or loved one who did not have the privilege of growing old.

Our Plum Hero Amy Poehler shared a poignant perspective on the 'Aged' filter, smiling at her reflection and saying, "May I be so lucky." It serves as a reminder for all of us to embrace the aging process with gratitude and optimism.