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I Wouldn't Be The Person I Am Today Without Her

The Plum: Jane (my therapist/life supervisor)

Submitted by: Amy 



Jane saved me from myself. She helped me learn about the dynamics of my family and the defenses that I created to help me navigate childhood. She has a very creative spirit and uses it in her therapy practice. I wouldn't be the person I am today without her. 

In addition, my family is afflicted with a devastating hereditary neurological disease which has affected my father and two of my three sisters. She has helped me navigate the grief and sadness along with the logistics of caring for them, grieving their deaths, and my own anxiety about inheriting the disease. I like to think of her as my life supervisor

As Jane was supporting me regarding Huntington's Disease she was diagnosed with MS. It was difficult for me to have yet another person close to me be afflicted with a neurological disease. However, it has been a gift to watch her manage her symptoms. She is very disciplined in taking care of herself. It's inspiring.