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There's no place like Hygge

Hygge, a Danish concept that emphasizes coziness and contentment, has really exploded in the blogosphere and on socials. More than just ultra-cozy cottages and hazy filtered photos of fireplaces,  Hygge embraces simplicity and minimalism, which aligns with the growing interest in decluttering and minimizing, thanks to Marie Kondo and The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

For Sage Plums who are not obsessed with throw pillows and are looking for ways to create a peaceful and uncluttered home environment, hygge offers a solution by focusing on creating a cozy and inviting space with fewer, carefully curated items. It’s not just about the merch: Hygge is centered around well-being and self-care. It promotes creating a comfortable and nurturing environment that helps individuals relax, unwind, and find joy in the simple things. In a world where technology is constantly vying for our attention, a lot of Sage Plums find refuge in the physical and the tangible. Hygge encourages turning off screens, enjoying the present moment, and finding pleasure in offline activities.

Here are a few of the products we think are particularly good examples of cultivating Hygge:

Cozy Blanket - Brooklinen Hygge throw 

Jammies - Softest of the Soft Jammies: Bedhead

Mugs - A Cozy, snowy or rainy day-worthy mug that feels great in your hand: Heath Ceramics Mug


Sheets - We didn’t intend to link to one company twice, but they’re just that good: Percale sheets from Brooklinen

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